Rabu, 04 April 2018

The Impact Of Universal Income

In the days of technological wonders as we see today has produced tremendous wealth. But, with this wealth, you will think that society as a whole will be the beneficiary of all these technological advances. Today, the wealth gap gap widened. The rich continue to reap the rewards while the majority continues to languish far behind can not have some benefit from all the progress made whether they are scientific, medical or technological. In every period in history when there has been a scientific breakthrough or technological advancement is always the rich who immediately reap the benefits. They can in turn collect more wealth, power, and control. In essence mankind has not shared the wealth generated by human efforts to discover more amazing new ways of improving the quality of life or improving ways of destroying life.

When we put this in the context of the current economic outlook there are many job opportunities that soon become irrelevant and obsolete. Take for example cars without drivers, automation in almost every factory, and warehousing will be fully automated in the near future. What this means is that the people employed today will soon become like so many who are still unemployed at this time. And, when you have a majority of the unemployed and underemployed, the whole economy suffers. The rich will continue to grow richer while we will all continue to be poorer. When we have the biggest income inequality gap in recent history in the United States, our financial and economic future is embezzled by a cloud of deception by what the rich and the government do. Stagnation and underdevelopment of the majority of the population has made the United States not an economic engine we once had after World War II.

With Trump in the White House and the widening wealth gap has made the United States irrelevant in global affairs. This irrelevant thing threatens the fiber of American society. When we look out of the backlog of support both financially and vice versa after Hurricane Harvey by people everywhere who are really unable to walk but have shown that many Americans still have the power to act with empathy. This is the spirit of America. Then there is the dark side in America today. We've seen him lift his bad head when there's been a disaster. The impact of devastating storms or other disasters is always someone who tries to take advantage of others who are less fortunate. The greed of people today is more evident with every instability instinct.

The instability in the United States is a cause of serious concern. From racial tensions, catastrophic disasters, to economic imbalances, all have dominated the growing instability in America today. With the advent of new technologies now ready to replace workers, there is a new dimension of what it takes to generate economic mobility in the US. Government programs, safety nets for the poor, and the unemployed are few subsidies that are not effective in generating economic stability for our people. For our seniors who rely on Social Security, these monthly checks offer as much financial security as small subsidies for the poor and unemployed. When we look at the bigger picture of the economy in the US today existing government programs do not and can not support economic growth. Basically what the United States is experiencing is backwardness in economic growth and stability.

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