Minggu, 01 April 2018

The Drowning Feelings

As the winter Olympics become the center of attention without too much fanfare, the Trump Administration is ready to issue a budget filled with cruel cuts on virtually every safety net. This safety net has a significant success in keeping millions of Americans falling through the already uneven gaps of society. However, we have Trump and the rest of the Republicans are unable to hear the screams of the poor people who continue to languish in desperation hoping for a better future.

When recent reports show that the United States is down to 18th in world economic freedom shows that the Administration now has no clue in how to improve the economic and sociological stature of the United States. And, in this case in the eyes of other industrialized countries. So fixate on military spending without the slightest bit to bring the balance back to our society. Trump and the company do damage that is not parallel to the already damaged economy. So far the only people who benefit from the Trump and Republican agenda have become the top 1%.

When news breaks out of newly developed energy technologies where wireless energy transmitted by the Internet should be the front page news of what is on the news is Courage Trump. Think about the implications that make your computer radiate enough energy for your home. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that this newly discovered energy source in the way Nickoli Tesla imagines at the turn of the 20th century for unlimited free power power just to be capitalized by big power companies to benefit from going up again. electricity tariffs across the country.

As our infrastructure continues to collapse, job losses escalate, stagnant wages and more gun violence occurs, it is quite clear that the Trump Administration has no intention of creating an agenda that will greatly reduce inequality in our society. We have the technology and the ability to advance our society into a more prosperous and secure future but we are constantly rejecting the opportunity to achieve the results Trump needs, and the political process that has for years been hindering the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. .

With the mid-term elections coming many Democrats are ready to exploit the disaster of Republican and Trump. However, they will also be rejected as well as the American public to see meaningful results as a result. Congestion will continue until we the American public realize that our entire political process has been corrupted. And, until elections are not purchased by not only special interests but by citizens themselves corruption in our democratic political process will continue.

We must realize that when wealth as the main ingredient for corruption of political power is not far behind. Political forces that are too long possessed only by the rich. Where there is wealth there is power, and where there is power there is control. This is the present basic framework of our political process. As a result millions of Americans continue to be under the power of a political process that continues to benefit only the rich.

If we allow our process of democracy to continue as it happens in our country it will be unrecognizable and for many of us it already is. There are ways to eliminate the parody of the political process that goes against each of the principles of democracy but will require a unified effort by everyone to make it happen. The old man said if you want to change the rules of the political process then you must first play the game that is now being played, then win the election to influence the changes needed to play the game again. That is what is needed in 2018 and 2020. And until we realize this our future continues to give us that sinking feeling.

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