Selasa, 03 April 2018

Right to Not Unemployed

In the modern world, it has been proven that there are some basic human rights and this is enshrined in law in developed countries. Most people now agree that there should be a right to life, for freedom under the law, for safe food, clean air and water, and state-funded education. All developed countries except the US provide nationally funded universal health services. Developed countries also provide various forms of welfare benefits to support child care, disability and pensions. Most significantly, they provide financial support for workers who are out of work and suffer from unemployment. However, it is the right-wing politician's nature to resist the expansion of the welfare system, and one of their recurring concerns is that some people may choose not to work but live permanently on unemployment benefits.

In his 1959 book The Affluent Society, J K Galbraith considers this issue. Looking into the future, he reasoned that there would not be enough work to get everyone employed 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The amount of work he predicts will keep everyone busy for about 4 hours a day, the level of work enjoyed by our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The alternative for everyone working 4 hours is for some to remain idle. Galbraith proposes that those who choose not to work should be paid about 90% of what is now known as the basic wage. This amount is not an unemployment benefit but a fundamental human right.

This idea has been practiced on a limited scale. For example, in Kuwait in the 1960s, all of the sheikh's children were awarded an income of £ 1000 per year from birth, and no doubt, similar schemes existed in other Arab countries. It serves to preserve the privileged classes, but in a world set on the promotion of their equality can be extended to all citizens. With the basic means of a guaranteed life, everyone will be free to pursue a call, to do what is most attractive to them, regardless of its potential financial rewards.

Many people express horror at the idea of ​​some people being paid for not working, but there are always such people. It has long been acceptable for people not to do work if they are rich. The benefits of universal life support will recognize the basic human rights of not working. Most people want something to keep them busy, something interesting to do and something to do to serve the community. Not all rich people are unemployed. Most people born with silver spoons in their mouth choose to undergo training and pursue a career. There will always be a lot of people to keep things going in a relaxed, steady economy in the future. Those who prefer to be unemployed, or devote their time to their chosen hobby, will be supported in the same way as those prevented from working with disabilities or disabilities.

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