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Other Ways to Extend Area

The EU plans to expand its borders. This is the name of an article on the "Financial Times" news site. It was reported that the EU intends to offer membership in organizations as well as to the six countries on the Balkan Peninsula to tackle the flow of migration and other issues.

As noted, the EU will send proposals to Albania, as well as Serbia, Montenegro, the Republic of Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This solution lies in the fact that the Balkan countries let through the mainstream migrations that have caused the migration crisis.

In addition, the interests of other countries in the region are concerned about the EU. This could include China, which signed agreements on strategic partnerships with Serbia, as well as investing in transport projects in Macedonia and on Belgrade's high-speed railway line.

It is not surprising that the EU will try in every possible way to strengthen its influence in the region. This publication shows that the deadline for accession to these countries is 2025, however, this date is considered not as a real date, but as an incentive for motivation for early accession.

The EU's main priorities are clear, however, there are still some reasons, and they are not entirely beneficial to join the state.

First of all, keep in mind that Germany in recent years has become famous for its migration policy. And it is possible that if these countries join the EU, Germany will try to accommodate the refugees in their area. A good move, beneficial to Germany, masked the ideas of the European Union, to ease the pressure of migration on its economy.

Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the economic factors of possible accession. The Balkan countries, on this list, are difficult to relate to developed countries. For them, accession to the EU may not only be profitable, but destructive, relative to the economy. The transition to the single currency, the euro, the establishment of provincial norms can all negatively impact the economic development of these countries.

Bulgaria is in an uneasy situation. Countries that have joined the EU now have a large number of issues, both economic and political. It is impossible to say that the EU is helping Bulgaria. As a result, Bulgaria was forced to solve its own problems. In addition, Bulgaria, as the predecessor of the European Commission, will be at the crossroads between Germany and its neighbors in the Balkans - Macedonia, Serbia, Albania. After all, the EU itself has repeatedly stated that the Bulgarian chairman can help the integration of Balkan countries to the EU. And it is possible that under the influence of Germany, Bulgaria will be forced to persuade its neighbors to conclude unfavorable treaties with the EU, which in the future will only harm these countries. Thus, Bulgaria can greatly worsen relations with its Balkanian neighbors.

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