Senin, 09 April 2018

Indian Spirit is Dead - Save

"Narrow, selfish, narrow-minded nationalism has caused so much misfortune and misery for the world.The crazy and exaggerated form of the cult of nationalism is now rampant ...", judge AP Shah, a former Delhi High Court Chief Justice, quoted MN Roy.

I am not an ordinary writer, I am not pretending to be a learned man but I know there is something wrong in the way some people think and behave in our country today. Although it is not a new phenomenon by any means but such an event is likely to show a spike. As I mentioned before, I do not pretend to know everything. So much that I will describe now will be the things I see with my own eyes. I may be wrong and willing to accept and correct my mistakes.

About 70 years ago, when we finally "wake up to life and freedom", much has changed and much remains to be changed. Our independence fighters are aware of it and so are our first policy makers. They sit together; discussed, discussed and debated the future of our country and what came out of it was an Indian constitution that remained to date one of the most dynamic and progressive. Now I do not want to bother you with what it contains because one, you do not really care and two, if you really care, I will not write this article. Yet, in addition to the complexity, what it really represents is the new Indian idea and vision our ancestors possess for us. They gave us a country, high hopes, energy and compassion. It's somewhat ironic that the two terms are most disputed (or ridiculed according to your wishes) - Secularism and Nationalism do not even mention in the original version of the constitution.

But much has changed and turned bad.

A man was massacred in his house and a young man was pulled out of the train and killed. A student issued a threat of rape for saying that war is not a solution. A reputable academic institution, which produces gems nicknamed Anti-national and its students labeled traitors (By the way one of the politicians is also able to count the number of condoms in their trash). The CJI who will be nominated soon dictates us to sing the national anthem in the theater as it will enhance patriotism. The voice of civil society was silenced and their dissent was silenced. Some countries are burning in eternal fire and the inhabitants are termed, yes you guessed it right - Anti-national. You criticize the government and troll rampaging. The surprising part - many of these anti-social elements were followed in social media by people in the upper echelons of power. The peasants died and failed to harvest, because the media, dubbed the fourth pillar of democracy sang a song of praise to the emperor. This and many others. All this happens while the economic status of the country goes into the doldrums and the political character of the nation reaches the abyss.

The list is long and incomplete. But there is a pattern for it. Today's rulers do not really fear the commoners. They know very well that no matter what you do for them, at the end of the day "gai" and "gobar", are all costs to return to power. India's spirit is dying, social fabric is withered. The urgent need of time is to sew the fabrics together. Social cohesion is important not only because it makes us appear civilized, it is also important because it is essential for growth and development. The remaining unsanitary wound attracts a lot of flies and some doctors but it will infect us all. In the end there will be no one but just fly to fly. And believe me, their numbers are increasing. Broken communities are vulnerable to all sorts of extremities, many of which end in disastrous consequences.

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