Senin, 02 April 2018

A Nation Is So Divided

When the United States goes deeper into a state of no return with the damage done by Republicans and the Trump Administration, we still wonder if America can be saved? Over the last forty years or so the trajectory of this nation has gone far beyond the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans. Over the years the United States has been led by the hands of a solid oligarchic ruler. The rules that have removed the moral fiber that unites this nation. When countries take it themselves to escape from unity and when the rule of law is no longer by the majority of the visions that our nation's founding fathers have for this nation has turned into a superficial, unrecognized entity of the former.

Many of us can remember the time in the past when the nation was united by four basic principles. These are the cornerstones of this nation built up. In the years since I was young there has been a steady and stable evaporation of the character and soul of this nation. What happens today continues a blatant attack in the heart of America. No longer are we as a nation held together with an unbroken bond of loyalty, honestly, merciful, and benevolent to all. We have deliberately led a path that is not our choice.

When we think about what the United States meant to the world in times of extreme danger, American spirit always came to the point of Truman's fault during the Korean War. It was not until the 1960s that we witnessed the decline of discontent with dishonest government policies, especially our involvement in Vietnam. With the murders of both John and Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King is only increasingly pushing this country apart. Quite possibly this tragic event is part of a series of predetermined events.

Orchestration policy directives as usual in education and Supreme Court decisions continue to have a perceived detrimental effect across the nation today. The American heart has been silenced by the will of the established oligarchy ruling class. Is it too late for the United States to change the course we are headed for? Or can we make that correction in time to save the American soul?

To answer this most worrying question depends on the leader we choose. So far all the indications only prove our inability to make the right choice for the people we choose. When we have both sides involved in, especially in the previous election cycle from preliminary elections to elections, so much corruption is a sign that our entire democratic process has also become corrupt. Is it our inability to unite and realize that only one direction can save ourselves? Let's hope not.

A plan of direction that will encourage this nation to give light in an otherwise evil world. The world gets darker even by the Trump Administration and the government that serves its own bureaucrats. Our nation needs a unity of purpose once again. A goal that can only be taken by the ten points of the National Economic Reform. It is our fundamental right, our obligation and our obligation to respond as a nation to produce course corrections that are only through the enactment of the National Economic Reform.

When we think of the four building blocks, the cornerstones of our country, freedom, justice, education, and morality have all yielded to the political will of self-serving governments. As we look today we see that the United States is heading for the brink of destruction by corporate greed, political corruption, the absence of our elected officials and our own apathy. Regardless of what is presented by the Administration and the media today, we are faced with a very uncertain future. We have experienced an unparalleled sociological and economic slump in our history.

Today, we are witnessing the government that holds the American public hostage. Our president and many of our elected officials have become so absorbed with ideologies that are very reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The real concern is that when a people's government and by the people have turned into a self-serving bureaucrat, Americans are numbed. We must always remember the prophecies of Jefferson and what he declared for the future of this nation. This is why it is so important for us to recognize how this briefing plan, the National Economic Reform with its Ten Articles of Confederacy, can save the future of the United States and not only bring us but also to all generations

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