Sabtu, 31 Maret 2018

Time to Save Our Society

Reservation is not a privilege! This is not an honor or a matter of self-esteem.

Reservation is no less than our system charges. A tool for our politicians to appease some parts of society to gather votes on behalf of isonomy. This might fit into the argument of 'social equality' but actually falls when faced with the argument of 'economic efficiency'.

We already have caste-based quotas to divide our nation horizontally and now new gender-based quotas are also on the run to share them further, this time vertically. Though yes, this reservation system can not be judged useless overall. The utopian intent of constitution-makers is what is the basis for this arrangement. But now, however, it has passed its heyday and is doing more harm than the benefits of the social order (Jaat andolan in Haryana & Patidar andolan in Gujarat). It should, like all other outdated systems, be discarded rather than making more additions to it.

A country like India, which dreams of competing with established global brands and becoming a superpower in the near future can not be dictated by such a regressive system. Our nation, which will formally become the world's youngest country, in about two years, must get rid of the reservation ideology if it wants a 'superpower dream' to establish it.

The purpose of our current regime and our future should be solely on the economic efficiency and better quality of human resources used primarily in government departments so that our public sector is growing.

But shit! It is not easy to attract a company, its foundation is very strong, all at once. However, if not completely & immediately, there must be plenty of room for improvisation. As advised by educationist-reformist Sonam Wangchuk in which he says that only one generation has benefited from the quota. Or we can move with & with and start by taking a certain vital-for-economy sector from ambitnya like medicine and education.

Now is the time, when only the capability and potential should be the ultimate criterion for a person to be fit to hold the highest echelons. Whether it's a dalit, a Muslim or a woman, do not let someone use these traits as crutches to climb higher in his career.

Speaking of the Women's Reservation Bill, gender equality can not be achieved with only 33% of seats for women in Parliament. If gender equality is what they really want then the proportion should be increased to 50%. 50% of men and 50% of women are what will actually define gender equality. In my opinion, women are quite capable to carve a niche for themselves be it political or other fields. In addition, there are other ways to promote women's participation.

When Indira Gandhi and Pratibha Patil became Prime Ministers & President of India, respectively, they did not cry over quotas. Likewise, no one needs a quota to succeed in his business.

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