Senin, 09 April 2018

Indian Spirit is Dead - Save

"Narrow, selfish, narrow-minded nationalism has caused so much misfortune and misery for the world.The crazy and exaggerated form of the cult of nationalism is now rampant ...", judge AP Shah, a former Delhi High Court Chief Justice, quoted MN Roy.

I am not an ordinary writer, I am not pretending to be a learned man but I know there is something wrong in the way some people think and behave in our country today. Although it is not a new phenomenon by any means but such an event is likely to show a spike. As I mentioned before, I do not pretend to know everything. So much that I will describe now will be the things I see with my own eyes. I may be wrong and willing to accept and correct my mistakes.

About 70 years ago, when we finally "wake up to life and freedom", much has changed and much remains to be changed. Our independence fighters are aware of it and so are our first policy makers. They sit together; discussed, discussed and debated the future of our country and what came out of it was an Indian constitution that remained to date one of the most dynamic and progressive. Now I do not want to bother you with what it contains because one, you do not really care and two, if you really care, I will not write this article. Yet, in addition to the complexity, what it really represents is the new Indian idea and vision our ancestors possess for us. They gave us a country, high hopes, energy and compassion. It's somewhat ironic that the two terms are most disputed (or ridiculed according to your wishes) - Secularism and Nationalism do not even mention in the original version of the constitution.

But much has changed and turned bad.

A man was massacred in his house and a young man was pulled out of the train and killed. A student issued a threat of rape for saying that war is not a solution. A reputable academic institution, which produces gems nicknamed Anti-national and its students labeled traitors (By the way one of the politicians is also able to count the number of condoms in their trash). The CJI who will be nominated soon dictates us to sing the national anthem in the theater as it will enhance patriotism. The voice of civil society was silenced and their dissent was silenced. Some countries are burning in eternal fire and the inhabitants are termed, yes you guessed it right - Anti-national. You criticize the government and troll rampaging. The surprising part - many of these anti-social elements were followed in social media by people in the upper echelons of power. The peasants died and failed to harvest, because the media, dubbed the fourth pillar of democracy sang a song of praise to the emperor. This and many others. All this happens while the economic status of the country goes into the doldrums and the political character of the nation reaches the abyss.

The list is long and incomplete. But there is a pattern for it. Today's rulers do not really fear the commoners. They know very well that no matter what you do for them, at the end of the day "gai" and "gobar", are all costs to return to power. India's spirit is dying, social fabric is withered. The urgent need of time is to sew the fabrics together. Social cohesion is important not only because it makes us appear civilized, it is also important because it is essential for growth and development. The remaining unsanitary wound attracts a lot of flies and some doctors but it will infect us all. In the end there will be no one but just fly to fly. And believe me, their numbers are increasing. Broken communities are vulnerable to all sorts of extremities, many of which end in disastrous consequences.

Minggu, 08 April 2018

A Resurrection to Media Freedom

December 20, 2017.

The onslaught of media freedom threatens everyone's rights.

A new report yesterday reached an uncomfortable conclusion that press freedom has fallen to its lowest level in at least a decade.

The idea market is still standing, but the foundation is under attack. This is not a good picture. Freedom of expression and information is being rolled back in many places.

Turkey is a clear example of one of the worst. Philippines, Egypt, Poland, Mexico, Venezuela are examples of this.

Around the world, more and more journalists are being silenced, tried, or even murdered. Last year, according to a survey, 259 were jailed for political reasons and 79 were murdered. "Global media freedom is at its lowest level since the beginning of this century," the report said.

It was pretty bad, but it was unusual.

For nearly four centuries, this metaphor has represented the belief that in free, honest, and transparent competition, the best idea always prevailed. In a democratic society, freedom of expression, which includes freedom of speech and the press, draws its protection from that belief.

These days, threatening journalists make that belief seem naive.

We were powerless against our union's peace disruption, but we all had to get out of our echo chamber and act against it.

For teachers and academic institutions, the challenge is to conduct fact-checking and to sharpen each student's ability to make appropriate judgments.

For journalists and media organizations, threats should trigger an honest reflection of our practices and goals. Attacks are a real threat to freedom of speech and the press, having begun forcing political leaders to turn to cruel laws in an attempt to counteract.

Consider the danger. Dividing up as can happen in our interactions for several days, the free movement of caring citizens' ideas is still preferred to give the government more control over our public conversations.

Dictators and powerful people in many places, including unions often crack down on media freedoms as a major part of their efforts to consolidate control. Drift to authoritarianism in our union, for example, has been accompanied by predictable pressures on the media.

The latest wrinkles are an emerging threat about editorial columns on Monday, December 18, 2017, in which several personalities have been made personally and publicly. This may be largely a typical destructive crap in our own union, but there is a real danger that will encourage a crackdown on the media in other unions, if necessary action is not taken. If the Modakeke Student Union Federation, of all unions, does not defend the principle of free media, why should other unions pay heed to it?

None of this is about privileges for the news media. Long experience shows that when the press is free to be trampled, it is part of a much broader attack on everyone's rights.

The new report from FUMS Parrot presents a useful purpose in illuminating the threat.

Sabtu, 07 April 2018

Other Ways to Extend Area

The EU plans to expand its borders. This is the name of an article on the "Financial Times" news site. It was reported that the EU intends to offer membership in organizations as well as to the six countries on the Balkan Peninsula to tackle the flow of migration and other issues.

As noted, the EU will send proposals to Albania, as well as Serbia, Montenegro, the Republic of Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This solution lies in the fact that the Balkan countries let through the mainstream migrations that have caused the migration crisis.

In addition, the interests of other countries in the region are concerned about the EU. This could include China, which signed agreements on strategic partnerships with Serbia, as well as investing in transport projects in Macedonia and on Belgrade's high-speed railway line.

It is not surprising that the EU will try in every possible way to strengthen its influence in the region. This publication shows that the deadline for accession to these countries is 2025, however, this date is considered not as a real date, but as an incentive for motivation for early accession.

The EU's main priorities are clear, however, there are still some reasons, and they are not entirely beneficial to join the state.

First of all, keep in mind that Germany in recent years has become famous for its migration policy. And it is possible that if these countries join the EU, Germany will try to accommodate the refugees in their area. A good move, beneficial to Germany, masked the ideas of the European Union, to ease the pressure of migration on its economy.

Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the economic factors of possible accession. The Balkan countries, on this list, are difficult to relate to developed countries. For them, accession to the EU may not only be profitable, but destructive, relative to the economy. The transition to the single currency, the euro, the establishment of provincial norms can all negatively impact the economic development of these countries.

Bulgaria is in an uneasy situation. Countries that have joined the EU now have a large number of issues, both economic and political. It is impossible to say that the EU is helping Bulgaria. As a result, Bulgaria was forced to solve its own problems. In addition, Bulgaria, as the predecessor of the European Commission, will be at the crossroads between Germany and its neighbors in the Balkans - Macedonia, Serbia, Albania. After all, the EU itself has repeatedly stated that the Bulgarian chairman can help the integration of Balkan countries to the EU. And it is possible that under the influence of Germany, Bulgaria will be forced to persuade its neighbors to conclude unfavorable treaties with the EU, which in the future will only harm these countries. Thus, Bulgaria can greatly worsen relations with its Balkanian neighbors.

Jumat, 06 April 2018

The People Who Make Pakistan Proud in the Very Young Age

The brighter side of Pakistan is the young achievers whose job and name is recognized by the world. Some of them are as follows:

Hamza Shahzad:

Mohammad Hamza Shahzad, who currently lives in England, earned his youngest professional Microsoft title at a very young age of 6, beating ArfaKarim's record. He made the country proud by scoring a whopping 757 score on the Microsoft Certification exam, where 700 marks are required to pass the exam. Children like him are a true asset of Pakistan and an inspiration to all the youths out there. Good work, Hamza.

Haroon Tariq:

Pakistani students from Islamabad made 7 world records by earning a total of 87 A at the IGCSE, O and A 'Levels of the Cambridge University International Exam at the age of 19 only. The majors are humanity and science, including Islam and Culture, Human and Social Biology, Global Development, Physics and Chemistry. According to reports, Haroon's teacher is the main source of guidance that helped him achieve the title of "The Most Brilliant Student" in the history of Pakistan along with a large number of fame and numerous awards.

Faizan Soofi:

Faizan is seen as one of the youngest writers from Pakistan. She was 8 years old when she started writing short stories and poems that were partly printed in the Fajr. He then published his first novel named "Howl" at the age of 10 that was well received by friends, relatives and readers. Positive feedback inspired Faizan to write another one titled "Instrumental Queens." The work of the young writer was nearly 45,000 words that he typed himself.This was at the age of 11. A year later he published a short story and played the collection under the name "Belle." Faizan published a work all four titled Instrumental Kings "at the age of 12. He worked on the third in the series as well as several other fiction works lined up. The instrumental Queens has found its way to a well-known library in places like Harvard, Princeton, Yale etc. His school Aitchison also honored him with quotes.

Well done, Faizan!

Laraib Atta:

Laraib Atta, the daughter of the legendary singer, Atta Ullah Khan Esakhelvi, has taken Hollywood by storm from an early age. He was 19 when he stepped into Hollywood and until now he has not left a missed stone to make his identity. In 2006 he got his first ad to work as a female visual effects artist and after all the wonderful work he had done, Laraib was awarded the "Young Women Visual Artist Effect". Johnny Depp's Sweeney Todd, 10,000 B.C, Chronicles of Narnia, X-Men, Gravity, Godzilla, etc. are some of the work of his jaw dropping jobs.

Babar Iqbal:

Derived from Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan, Babar Iqbal is a 12-year-old boy who until now has made 4 world records in the computer field. He was first credited as the youngest "Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CMNWA)" at the age of just 9. His research is related to Apple's idevices and has been accepted by IEEE 8. What distinguishes his method from others is that the process does not require prison breaking and can describes an idevice in less than 30 minutes. What a feat!

Haris Khan:

The young Pakistani boy, who lives in Ireland, launched his game "Super Soccer Kids" on February 7, 2014 just before the few days of his 11th birthday. This launch led Haris to the title of "The Youngest App Developer" from Pakistan and according to resources, the game has passed more than 400 downloads. She combines two areas of interest, sports and technology, to create a fun game that gets inspired by her graphic designer mom and dad who work for Apple.

Mauhib Iqbal:

The 13-year-old boy from Beacon House School System has earned Microsoft's "Certified Technology Certified Technology" in the .Net Framework 4.0 with 98.4%. He currently teaches at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and also lectures at universities such as FAST and MAJU via Skype. Mauhib has excelled in different programming languages ​​like C sharp and .Net 4.0 by mastering different technologies including web database applications, etc. He is really an inspiration.

Kamis, 05 April 2018

This is Why You're Inadvertently Supporting the Big Trump

There may never be an insult to a US president like that of President Trump. While the majority of US citizens choose their opponent, Hilary Clinton, voter votes make Trump a winner. Therefore, more than half of US citizens oppose President Trump from the start. However, in their desire to cancel it, they will make sure he is re-elected.

President Trump is an entrepreneur. While many will argue whether he succeeds or not, it's fair to say he's making a living doing various types of business transactions. When you combine that with his attitude toward deregulation and tax cuts, the business community, including Wall Street, is quite enthusiastic about him being in the White House. As a result, in less than a year, $ 5 trillion has been added to the US economy. And the stock market has performed better during its presidency than it ever had in the 200-year history of the stock market.

In addition, they predict the economy will have strong growth over the next four years. With that being said, it seems that people will love a good president for the economy.

Well, some people are angry with comments made by President Trump in the media, including Twitter. And women, immigrants and some minorities say they feel alienated by it. Those angry people seem to have made it their mission to find a reason to indict President Trump. To do that, they must keep abreast of every step they make.

That means people read every tweet he made. They read every article that supports or opposes it. And they watch everything the television says about him. For the media, that means more people reading newspapers and watching TV. There is also an increase in on-line traffic to stay on top of the latest incidents that could lead to possible impeachment of President Trump.

As you can imagine, the President has become a blessing for the degenerate ratings on network television. As president, he most likely outperformed the high rankings of his show The Apprentice. What does it do for the media?

I would assume that there are more people who buy and subscribe to newspapers since President Trump has been nominated to Republicans than in recent years. I affirm that there are people who, in the past, were not too concerned with politics who are now buying newspapers and magazines they ignored before the 2016 election. With more newspapers sold, papers can explain why companies should advertise in their publications. It also allows them to charge more to advertise.

Such stimulus would require print media to buy more paper. Furthermore, print and television will be motivated to hire more sales people. That means since President Trump took office, more work was created. Because ads are increasing on-line, TV and print, more people are hired to create ads. With the increase in advertising prices, there is more disposable income than price increases and additional work. The people will buy clothes, cars, houses, washing machines and dryers, carpets, vacations, etc. All these activities stimulate the economy and job creation - multiplier effects.

However, this is all happening from people who claim to dislike the elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. That hatred has sparked so much activity that has actually driven the economy. By the end of four years, President Donald Trump would have a fantastic story with enormous proportions. He will be able to say he has pushed the economy better than any president in US history. And it's all because of you.

Rabu, 04 April 2018

The Impact Of Universal Income

In the days of technological wonders as we see today has produced tremendous wealth. But, with this wealth, you will think that society as a whole will be the beneficiary of all these technological advances. Today, the wealth gap gap widened. The rich continue to reap the rewards while the majority continues to languish far behind can not have some benefit from all the progress made whether they are scientific, medical or technological. In every period in history when there has been a scientific breakthrough or technological advancement is always the rich who immediately reap the benefits. They can in turn collect more wealth, power, and control. In essence mankind has not shared the wealth generated by human efforts to discover more amazing new ways of improving the quality of life or improving ways of destroying life.

When we put this in the context of the current economic outlook there are many job opportunities that soon become irrelevant and obsolete. Take for example cars without drivers, automation in almost every factory, and warehousing will be fully automated in the near future. What this means is that the people employed today will soon become like so many who are still unemployed at this time. And, when you have a majority of the unemployed and underemployed, the whole economy suffers. The rich will continue to grow richer while we will all continue to be poorer. When we have the biggest income inequality gap in recent history in the United States, our financial and economic future is embezzled by a cloud of deception by what the rich and the government do. Stagnation and underdevelopment of the majority of the population has made the United States not an economic engine we once had after World War II.

With Trump in the White House and the widening wealth gap has made the United States irrelevant in global affairs. This irrelevant thing threatens the fiber of American society. When we look out of the backlog of support both financially and vice versa after Hurricane Harvey by people everywhere who are really unable to walk but have shown that many Americans still have the power to act with empathy. This is the spirit of America. Then there is the dark side in America today. We've seen him lift his bad head when there's been a disaster. The impact of devastating storms or other disasters is always someone who tries to take advantage of others who are less fortunate. The greed of people today is more evident with every instability instinct.

The instability in the United States is a cause of serious concern. From racial tensions, catastrophic disasters, to economic imbalances, all have dominated the growing instability in America today. With the advent of new technologies now ready to replace workers, there is a new dimension of what it takes to generate economic mobility in the US. Government programs, safety nets for the poor, and the unemployed are few subsidies that are not effective in generating economic stability for our people. For our seniors who rely on Social Security, these monthly checks offer as much financial security as small subsidies for the poor and unemployed. When we look at the bigger picture of the economy in the US today existing government programs do not and can not support economic growth. Basically what the United States is experiencing is backwardness in economic growth and stability.

Selasa, 03 April 2018

Right to Not Unemployed

In the modern world, it has been proven that there are some basic human rights and this is enshrined in law in developed countries. Most people now agree that there should be a right to life, for freedom under the law, for safe food, clean air and water, and state-funded education. All developed countries except the US provide nationally funded universal health services. Developed countries also provide various forms of welfare benefits to support child care, disability and pensions. Most significantly, they provide financial support for workers who are out of work and suffer from unemployment. However, it is the right-wing politician's nature to resist the expansion of the welfare system, and one of their recurring concerns is that some people may choose not to work but live permanently on unemployment benefits.

In his 1959 book The Affluent Society, J K Galbraith considers this issue. Looking into the future, he reasoned that there would not be enough work to get everyone employed 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The amount of work he predicts will keep everyone busy for about 4 hours a day, the level of work enjoyed by our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The alternative for everyone working 4 hours is for some to remain idle. Galbraith proposes that those who choose not to work should be paid about 90% of what is now known as the basic wage. This amount is not an unemployment benefit but a fundamental human right.

This idea has been practiced on a limited scale. For example, in Kuwait in the 1960s, all of the sheikh's children were awarded an income of £ 1000 per year from birth, and no doubt, similar schemes existed in other Arab countries. It serves to preserve the privileged classes, but in a world set on the promotion of their equality can be extended to all citizens. With the basic means of a guaranteed life, everyone will be free to pursue a call, to do what is most attractive to them, regardless of its potential financial rewards.

Many people express horror at the idea of ​​some people being paid for not working, but there are always such people. It has long been acceptable for people not to do work if they are rich. The benefits of universal life support will recognize the basic human rights of not working. Most people want something to keep them busy, something interesting to do and something to do to serve the community. Not all rich people are unemployed. Most people born with silver spoons in their mouth choose to undergo training and pursue a career. There will always be a lot of people to keep things going in a relaxed, steady economy in the future. Those who prefer to be unemployed, or devote their time to their chosen hobby, will be supported in the same way as those prevented from working with disabilities or disabilities.